Documents You Can Be Sure Of

According to the research organisation Gartner, the average labour cost of locating individual, misfiled documents is close to £70. What’s more, according to Coopers & Lybrand, employees of companies that manage their own files spend between 20-40% of their time searching for documents manually. And 25% of misplaced hard-copy files are never found. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and effective way to both eliminate the costs and time delays associated with traditional paper filing, and also have instant access to any document, Cobwebb Docstore from Cobwebb Communications is the solution you need.

Cobwebb Docstore can help you create a paperless working environment, with immediate access to data. No longer will staff from different parts of your organisation have to wonder whether they are looking at the latest version of a document; Cobwebb Docstore allows all staff, from credit control departments to marketing and sales teams, to access the same information regarding your customers and suppliers, enabling them to handle queries quickly and efficiently.

A standalone archiving system or an addition to your current Cobwebb installation, requiring no reprogramming or changes to your software setup, Cobwebb Docstore captures IBM i (AS/400) spooled files, merged form and report output from your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, and then stores these files in a retrievable PDF format, on the network or IFS (Integrated File Share). The IBM is totally secure and gives document access via web browser only to users with specific access authority, from anywhere on the network or company intranet.

You can find detailed information on Cobwebb Docstore by viewing its brochure page, but here are some more of its main features:

  • C.O.L.D. (Computer Output to Laser Disk) archiving for your ERP documentation
  • Rapid document access
  • Secure document storage and access
  • Web enabled

Looking to reduce the cost and volume of document storage? Require a solution that reduces risk and increases security? A solution that gives you paperless access to business-critical documents whenever you need it? Talk to Cobwebb Communications about how our Cobwebb Docstore solution can not only deliver on these promises, but be installed and working in less than a day.