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Installing the Cobwebb Designer

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The Cobwebb Designer is a Windows application together with a Windows Printer Driver. The Cobwebb Designer Setup.exe may be downloaded from the Cobwebb website


Windows 7 - 10 (32 & 64 bit)

IBM® i Access Client Solutions - Windows Application Package - this is the new Java based solution, 5250 emulation, Data Transfer, Printer output, Console support, and more. Please see Installing IBM i Access Client Solutions for details.


IBM® i Client Access - this is the original version we all know and love with IBM i Navigator, Emulators, Data Queues, Output Queues, translation etc. The last version was V7.1 supporting Windows 8.1 - the Cobwebb Designer is fully compatible with this product.

Installing / Upgrading the Cobwebb Designer

Once you have downloaded the installer, run the Cobwebb Designer Setup.exe as an Administrator on the PC, otherwise the Cobwebb Printer Driver will not be installed.

From v7 (build 15) the Installer, Cobwebb Designer & Cobwebb PPD Printer Driver are signed. This means then when you start to install the software you will see the following:

Cobwebb Designer Security

Click Yes to continue with the installation.

CPPD Designer Installer - Welcome

Click Next.

CPPD Designer Installer - Select Destination Folder

If you wish to choose a different Destination Folder click the Browse button.

If you already have the Cobwebb Designer installed then, if you wish to keep a backup of any files that are replaced check the "Backup replaced files" box.

Click Next.

CPPD Designer Installer - Select Components

Here you can select which components you wish to install.

Cobwebb Designer

Installs the Cobwebb Designer application. Note: The Cobwebb Designer software is designed to work with IBM Client Access. Other routers such as the Netsoft Router can be used, but some features may not be available.

Cobwebb PPD Printer

Installs the Cobwebb Printer Driver for creating overlays, logos etc. Note: You will need to be logged on as an Administrator to be able to install the printer driver.

Update Cobwebb Designer Font Library

Updates the Cobwebb Designer Font Library with the latest fonts. From v6.95 of the Cobwebb Designer this also includes the default IBM True Type Fonts.

Unicode Version

Installs the Unicode version of the application - recommended.

Install for All Users

Install for All Users rather than just the user running the installation.

XP Printer Driver

This is only displayed if you are installing on a PC that has Windows XP and will install the XP version of the Cobwebb Printer Driver. Note:- You will need to be logged on as an Administrator to be able to install the printer driver.

Click Next.

CPPD Designer Installer - Select Icon Group

If you wish to change the name of the Start Menu group you may enter it here.

Click Next.

CPPD Designer Installer - Server Settings

If your PC can see your Server [Client Access installed and configured] then the System Name will be automatically populated. This should be the name of your IBM i.

Click Next.

CPPD Designer Installer - Summary

The configuration has been completed .Click Next to start installing.

From v7 (build 15) the Cobwebb Printer Driver is signed so you will see the following message:

Printer Driver security question

Check the box to Always trust software from "Cobwebb..." if you don't wish to see this security dialog every time you upgrade your Cobwebb Designer software.

Click Install to install the Cobwebb Printer Driver.

CPPD Designer Installer - Installation Complete

The installation has completed. Now you can choose to start the Cobwebb Designer if you want or just click Finish to end the installation wizard.


Having installed the Cobwebb Designer software you are ready to redesign and distribute your documents.

Please refer to Using the Cobwebb Designer for instructions on designing your documents.