Business Documentation Software To Make You Stronger

If your organisation uses IBM i (AS/400) and is looking to find ways of improving efficiency, reducing costs, saving time and offering a better service to your suppliers and customers, you can stop the search now. The Cobwebb Communications suite of business documentation software and support will give you everything you need.

Using Cobwebb as a fully integrated part of IBM i, you’ll be able to create a paperless working environment, reformat, distribute and archive your IBM i-generated documents as well as add barcodes to spooled files, and both generate and send electronic documents reliably and simply. You will find it easy and quick to send your customers and suppliers hard copies of time-critical business documents, while being able to automate documentation branding as and when you need to. You’ll soon find Cobwebb an indispensable part of your organisation’s makeup.

The Cobwebb suite of documentation software allows you to deal with a huge variety of business requirements. Rather than looking to offer a bloated, one-size-fits-all product that attempts to offer solutions to every problem, we instead offer a wide selection of Cobwebb software to makes it possible for you to pick out exactly what you need for your organisation. Such as:

Cobwebb File
Cobwebb File makes it possible to share and store your output from existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications more easily and efficiently. Using Cobwebb File allows you to automatically reformat your IBM i spooled files into convenient and commonly used TXT or PDF files.

KOFAX captures your business documents and forms, and extracts the data and delivers that information into your business applications and databases. Saving you both time and money.

Kofax Kapow (Robotic Process Automation Software) uses software robots and intelligent business rules to mimic specific actions employees take while performing manual repetitive tasks across various applications.

Cobwebb Print
Cobwebb Print automates the branding of your documentation when you need it. Saving time, eliminating the risk of human error and cutting out the cost of pre-printed materials. 

Cobwebb XML
Cobwebb XML allows you to send the text content of documents in a format which can be read by Internet browsers, spreadsheets and other business systems. 

With so many variations, there’s sure to be at least one Cobwebb module that would make a verifiable difference to the efficiency and bottom line of your organisation. Click on the individual product pages for further information, or give us a call to find out more. 

The workforce of the future will increasingly take advantage of Digital Workers to support the efforts of the employees. Digital Workers in the form of software robots will start to take on administration tasks which are manually repetitive.

Cobwebb Barcode
Cobwebb Barcode allows simple and automatic creation of barcodes for printing labels, as well as for documentation such as despatch notes and invoices.

Cobwebb Docstore
Cobwebb Docstore can help you create a paperless working environment, with immediate access to data. It allows all staff to access the same information regarding customers and suppliers, enabling quick and efficient management of queries.

Cobwebb Document Management
Cobwebb Document Management is a complete set of document management structures and can help you run your business efficiently. It makes easy the reformatting, distribution and archiving of IBM i-generated documents and archiving of scanned images and documents such as emails and spreadsheets.

Cobwebb Email
Cobwebb Email makes it possible for you to generate and send electronic documents reliably and simply. It not only cuts costs, but also improves the reliability and verification of communication with customers and suppliers.

Cobwebb Fax
Cobwebb Fax is a solution designed to enable you to send your customers and suppliers hard copies of time-critical business documents, reliably, conveniently and securely.