Document Capture & OCR

Document Capture uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to digitally capture data from business documents in the form of images or PDF files and convert it into searchable and editable text that is meaningful and informs the business process.

One of the main differences between the way business operates today when compared to the pre-internet era is the sheer volume of information. Information that arrives seven days a week, at all hours of the day, in many different formats; it can be difficult to keep up. What’s more, the cost of manual filing, physical storage of documents, and security procedures to guard access to valuable files can add up to a significant drag on your resources.

Document Capture software allows business-critical information to be securely integrated into your business applications and databases, saving you time and money.   

By using OCR technology, Tungsten Capture and Tungsten Transformation Modules convert images, such as scanned paper documents and electronic PDF files, into digital data that can be easily accessed when required.

Data on business documents is automatically captured and metadata is produced, which is then migrated into your organisation’s electronic document management system. This allows the content of the original documents to be searched and edited.  

Document Capture reduces the time spent manually scanning documents and inputting them into your business system, and eliminates mistakes that can result from manual data entry.

Cobwebb Cloud Capture Finance

A cutting-edge solution for invoice processing that offers advanced capture, extraction, and validation capabilities.

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Tungsten TotalAgility®

The world’s first unified smart process application development and deployment platform.

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Tungsten Capture

Uses OCR to digitally capture the information on business-critical images by scanning, automating and extracting the data contained on electronic PDF files and paper documents.

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Infor Document Capture

Helps customers work more efficiently by automatically connecting documents to core business processes within Infor ERP solutions.

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Tungsten Transformation Modules

Once data has been captured by Tungsten Capture, Tungsten Transformation Modules transforms that data into useful, actionable business information.

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Tungsten Transact (formerly known as Ephesoft Transact)

Combines document acquisition workflows and OCR to enable document capture for any business process.

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AP Automation for System21

Cobwebb can help your business automate the capture and processing of invoices remotely.

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