Multi Channel Capture & Workflow

Multi channel capture and workflow securely captures and processes business data and delivers it directly into your business applications and databases.

Businesses generate a vast amount of data, which needs to captured, processed and stored by your organisation, while ensuring compliance with data protection laws.

With multi channel capture and workflow, all of your business data is automatically and securely captured and integrated into your organisation’s existing system of records. This system is significantly quicker than the existing processing of paper and electronic documents, which means the most up-to-date, correct information is always readily available to those who need it.The entire process – from data capture to data processing – is recorded, so you can remain in control of who has access to what data and prove a chain of custody in order to meet data protection regulations.   

In-built analytics give you greater control over your business data, allowing businesses to analyse and interpret their data to measure efficiency and increase productivity.

Here is an overview of some of the workflows we can help with.


  • Control over access to business data
  • Increased processing speeds
  • Track data protection compliance
  • Measure efficiency within business systems
  • Consistent processes with custom workflows