Cobwebb ePortal

Cobwebb ePortal is a secure digital gateway that enables document workflows between multiple parties, allowing suppliers, customers and employees to retrieve and access documents online when needed.

In a busy, data-driven business, ensuring the right people have access to the data they require, when they need it, is crucial. Cobwebb ePortal is a secure digital gateway that gives suppliers, customers and employees fast access and retrieval of their online documents from anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet.

This self-service model reduces administration costs and makes accessing data more efficient for all involved. It also leads to greater visibility of the workflow process.

Integrated with Cobwebb Docstore, the data stored on Cobwebb ePortal is fully searchable and can be viewed either in a web browser or downloaded. Users are notified when a new document is available.

Additionally, Cobwebb ePortal provides individual secure access for each person, based on user type and permissions, through secure HTTPS digital access.


  • Eliminates paperwork – saving time and effort
  • Enables complete process visibility
  • Accelerates processes
  • Improves process efficiency and collaboration
  • Reduces administration costs, via self-service