The Right Information, When You Need It

One of the main differences between the way business operates today when compared to the pre-Internet era is the sheer volume of information. Information that arrives seven days a week, at all hours of the day, in many different formats. It can be difficult to keep up. What’s more, the cost of manual filing, physical storage of documents, and security procedures to guard access to valuable files can add up to a significant drag on your resources.

KOFAX, marketed by Cobwebb Communications and fully integrated with the Cobwebb suite of business communication software, will help you stay on top of things, and save you time and money as it does so. It collects your documents and forms, alters them into accurate, retrievable information, and delivers that information into your business applications and databases. Whether your information is on hard copy paper or in electronic files, parked at a central office or on desktops and remote offices throughout the world, using KOFAX you will have it at your fingertips, quickly and accurately.

When used as a standalone product completely separate from IBM i, KOFAX provides powerful document and data capture, featuring rapid and flexible scanning and indexing. KOFAX can extract business-critical information, such as machine-printed text, bar codes, checked boxes and even hand-printed content.

What’s more, when integrated with Cobwebb as “Cobwebb Docstore Capture”, KOFAX allows you to collect documents and transfer them into accurate and retrievable information, then deliver them into Cobwebb’s Docstore, where your documents are not only securely backed up and stored, but easily searchable through the allocation of intelligent keywords. This integration could, for example, completely automate your Accounts Payable process by scanning supplier invoices, extracting the relevant data and entering it into your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, thereby removing the need to key in data manually.

Many larger organisations that have offices in separate locations begin to create documents at one location that are later completed elsewhere. The KOFAX Network Server is the ideal solution for these businesses, offering a proven and reliable method for accelerating and reducing the cost of remote processes by capturing documents and data from remote offices directly into the KOFAX system.

KOFAX offers compatibility with:

  • Scanners and other capture devices
  • Content and document management systems
  • Workflow applications
  • Databases

KOFAX provides a stress-free and reliable process of capture, indexing and validation of your business-critical information now and in the future, whatever hardware or enterprise applications you use. When you use it either by itself or as a part of Cobwebb, you will reduce paper and time costs, enjoy better staff efficiency, and be in a position to offer a more effective customer service that has quicker response times. Call us for more detailed information on how it can work for your organisation.