Uploading PPD Designs to System i


Uploading PPD Designs to System i

Get Current XPD version in use.

  • Sign into the System i you wish to upload the PPD designs to.
  • Add CPPD to your library list with the command ADDLIBLE CPPD
  • Enter the command GO CPPD to view the CPPD menu.
  • Select menu option 4. PPD Security
  • Make a note of the XPD Version shown on the CPPD System Security Menu.
  • Press F3 to exit the menu without making any changes to the data.

Download and Install the CPPD/Designer

  • Download and install the latest version of the CPPD/Designer software from the following link:

CPPD/Designer PC Software Download

Setting Up the CPPD/Designer

  • Open the CPPD/Designer application.
  • Select Options from the View menu.
  • Select the Server tab on the Options dialog.
  • Enter the information detailed below:

System Name:  Enter the system name or I.P. address to upload to.

Use Sockets:  Ensure this check box is ticked / checked on.

 XPD File Version: Enter the XPD version number noted previously.

  • Select the OK button to confirm the changes and close the Options dialog.

Opening and Uploading a PPD Design

  • Select Open from the File menu.
  • Browse to the location of the PPD file to be uploaded and select Open.
  • Select Export PPD… from the File menu.
  • Check the Name shown in the Export to Server dialog is the correct name you wish to upload.
  • Check the Version shown in the Export to Server dialog is the XPD version number entered previously.
  • Ensure the Automatically import into CPPD check box is ticked / checked on.
  • Select the OK button to upload the design to the System i. This will upload the PPD design and any graphics linked to it that are required.
  • If you are updating an existing design, a message box will be displayed informing you that a design with this name already exits and would you like to replace it? Select the YES button on this dialog to update the existing design with the new version.

Note: the CPPD/Designer may become unresponsive when uploading the design but will respond once the upload is complete.

  • Repeat steps 1 to 8 for each design to be uploaded.