Adding barcodes to IBM i spooled files
When you are looking to add barcodes to IBM i (AS/400) spooled files, you can’t do better than choose Cobwebb Barcode from Cobwebb Communications. Cobwebb Barcode, a fully integrated module of the Cobwebb suite of business documentation software, allows simple and automatic creation of barcodes for printing labels, as well as for documentation such as despatch notes and invoices.

       • Automatic creation of barcodes from IBM i spooled files
       • No additional hardware to configure - Cobwebb Barcode is an IBM i native application
       • Seamlessly works alongside your WMS or ERP System
       • Quickly design and create barcode labels such as Odette, VDA, UPS, DHL, etc. using the
         Cobwebb Designer

Specifying a barcode is made straightforward by using the module’s Cobwebb Designer Barcode tool, which can take any data from the spooled file, with up to 30 characters able to be added both before and after the barcode so that it may be read directly into a user application. Cobwebb Barcode can not only produce barcode labels, but also reformat and print documents at the same time. In this way it incorporates functions that would previously have required two separate products.

Cobwebb Barcode helps keep production moving and communication flowing throughout the manufacturing process by printing out labels of any shape or size.

       • Cobwebb PC designer application for designing labels
       • Laser or Thermal generated barcode labels

Labels created using Cobwebb Barcode do not require specialised paper; instead, they may be printed on plain paper using a laser printer or a suitable thermal printer (such as Zebra, Intermec, Datamax or Printronix).

Some examples of Cobwebb Barcode symbologies:

      • Code, 128, AIM USS-128
      • Code 39 (3-of-9 Code)
      • Data Matrix
      • EAN-13
      • MaxiCode
      • QR Code
      • UPC/CGPC

Click here for a comprehensive list of Cobwebb Barcode symbologies:

                     qrcode list of barcodesnb.gif

We offer bespoke services and can help you with any barcode that is compatible with IBM i.

Case Study: New Balance Athletic Shoes (U.K.) Limited

Case Study: Glen Dimplex Home Appliances

If you need a rapid and easy-to-use solution for adding barcodes to your IBM i spooled files contact Cobwebb Communications today. We’d love the chance to chat with you about what Cobwebb Barcode can do to help your business.