A Complete Suite Of Document Management Software

Rigorous and well-planned document management can help your organisation cut the cost of communicating with customers and suppliers, improve the quality and reliability of customer services, and reduce the risk of lost or misfiled documents, or incorrect documents – such as duplicate invoices – being sent by mistake. Document management, however, can also be difficult to get right. There are new technologies to be trained to use, new terminologies, and a lack of guidance in how to manage documentation in a way that will bring meaningful business benefits.

Cobwebb Document Management from Cobwebb Communications is a complete set of document management structures for IBM i (AS/400) and can help you run your business efficiently. Cobwebb Document Management will help you in two main ways:

  • Reformatting, distribution and archiving of IBM i-generated documents 
  • Archiving of scanned images and documents such as emails and spreadsheets

You can find more detailed information on the many facets of Cobwebb Document Management by viewing the individual brochure pages, but here are some main features:

  • Cobwebb Print: Making possible PCL, AFP, IPDS, SCS, PDF direct thermal and barcode printing
  • Cobwebb Fax: Allowing faxing from IBM i, with optional web browser interface
  • Cobwebb Email: Allowing the sending of email from IBM i, with optional web browser interface 
  • Cobwebb File: Generating files (in various formats such as PDF, SCS, DOC, CSV, and TXT) for distribution to IFS, Windows or other network-connected folders
  • Cobwebb XML: Facilitating outbound XML transmission
  • Cobwebb DocStore: C.O.L.D archiving of ERP documents and system reports , 
  • Cobwebb Docstore Capture: facilitating scanning, OCR, business document capture and archiving

Cobwebb Document Management makes full use of your investment in the IBM i platform and requires neither additional servers nor additional databases to maintain. It brings together your business documentation and IBM i smoothly and efficiently, saving you money, helping you to offer a better service and allowing you to stay on top – automatically – of your communication with customers and suppliers. Using Cobwebb Document Management gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business-critical documents are backed up and stored securely, ready to be accessed whenever you want them, so that you can get on with running your business.

There’s a lot more we can tell you about it – too much to be contained in a website page. Call today and give us the chance to fill you in on all the ways we can help.